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What can family and friends do?

When a family member or close friend is facing a mental illness like psychosis, your support is not only helpful—it’s crucial. From encouraging the person to get help, to providing the health care team with background information, to simply lending an ear if he or she needs to talk, there are many ways you can be of assistance. Here are just a few:

Get help

Often, people with psychosis are reluctant to ask for help, even though they might realize that they’re having difficulties. They might be afraid of hospitals and doctors, or maybe they’re worried about being viewed as “crazy.” Others are independent and want to handle their problems on their own.

Going with someone to the emergency room, calling the Mental Health Crisis Line, or calling a family doctor and finding resource information are all ways to help

Give the On Track team as much information as possible

You know your friend or family member better than anyone else, after all! Any information you can give us will be important in helping us to come up with a plan that will work for everyone as your family member or friend recovers.

Take care of yourself

The illness of a family member or close friend is stressful. You have to take care of yourself first so you can provide the support needed for recovery.

Offer your support

The support of close family and friends is crucial. Be patient and stay positive!

Learn about psychosis

Learn all you can about the illness and the steps involved in recovery, and ask your health care team how to tell the difference between psychosis-related challenges and other issues that may need attention. Finally, find out about the resources that are available in your community. These can include resources for family members and patients, political action groups and many others.

If it’s an emergency, get help now!

If you’re worried about someone’s safety, don’t wait for an appointment! Contact an emergency service in your area.

Last updated on: December 12th, 2016