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Executive Compensation and Performance Management

The Ottawa Hospital has a rigorous performance-management program for all of its employees, including its executives.

Every year, each member of the executive team, including the CEO and Chief of Staff, is evaluated based on his or her ability to meet objectives on a wide range of performance goals, which are established by the hospital’s Board of Governors. A quarterly review of each executive’s performance is done and compensation is adjusted accordingly.

The Role of the Board of Governors

The CEO and Chief of Staff are directly accountable to the hospital’s board of governors.

Every year, a board committee determines the total compensation of the CEO and Chief of Staff by evaluating their performance against the objectives outlined in the hospital’s stated goals.

The Management Resources and Compensation Committee then brings its performance evaluations and compensation recommendations to the full board for approval.

The Role of the CEO

All members of the executive team, except for the Chief of Staff, are directly accountable to the CEO, who determines each executive’s total annual compensation.

Every year, each executive is evaluated based on his or her ability to meet targets on the performance indicators established by the board. Each executive is also accountable for meeting a set of individual objectives.

The results of the CEO’s performance evaluations are presented every September to the board’s Management Resources and Compensation Committee.

The performance evaluations of each executive are based on:

  1. Performance Management: The annual performance of each executive is measured against leadership competencies and annual goals.
  2. Professional Development: Each executive must identify annual opportunities for growth and performance improvement.
  3. Performance Goals: Each executive must set annual goals that include:
    • objectives under The Ottawa Hospital’s Quality Improvement Plan
    • individual goals related to the executive’s portfolio of responsibilities.


Compensation for the executive team is determined based on the performance metrics above. In addition, the board’s Management Resources and Compensation Committee conducts periodic reviews of executive salaries and benefits at Ontario hospitals of similar size and mandate to The Ottawa Hospital. A third-party consultant is engaged to conduct the review.

Components of Executive Compensation

Base Compensation Compensation is determined through performance metrics and is comparable to rates at peer Ontario hospitals. Other hospitals of similar size and mandate to The Ottawa Hospital include London Health Sciences Centre, Hamilton Health Sciences Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and University Health Network.


Executive Vice Presidents:
$200,000 to $350,000

Vice Presidents:
$220,000 to $250,000

Compensation At Risk 10% to 25% Every year, 10% to 25% of each executive’s compensation is tied to his or her ability to achieve the hospital’s stated goals and objectives.


Executive Vice Presidents:

Vice Presidents:

Benefits A benefits package is provided to each executive, including short-term disability benefits, long- term disability benefits, group life insurance, dental benefits and extended health insurance.
Car Allowance An annual allowance is provided to offset the costs of business-related transportation. Each executive is expected to use his or her own vehicle in the course of employment. Parking and mileage within Eastern Ontario is not reimbursed, with the exception of parking at the airport while on business trips.


Executive Vice Presidents:

Vice Presidents: