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Finding information about your health shouldn’t be complicated. Healthy Tomorrows is a collection of health stories, insights and tips from experts at The Ottawa Hospital to help you and your family live healthier lives.

TOH Staff is standing beside the Thank you banner
Our community thanks staff at The Ottawa Hospital

From school children to celebrities to first responders and the public, thousands of people continue to say ‘thank you” for all you have done for our community. Take a look!

Annika Scrivens (left) and Julia van Wesenbeeck
Leadership students make ‘get well’ cards for patients

Elementary school students make cards for patients at The Ottawa Hospital.

Ceporah Evic (red jacket) and Vanessa Evic (purple jacket)
The Ottawa Hospital and Ottawa Senators team up to lift spirits of Inuit cancer patients

Patients travelling far from home for cancer treatment can feel isolated, but The Ottawa Hospital and Ottawa Senators are working together to help lift patients’ spirits and give them an experience they will never forget.

six 11-year-olds holding a giant cheque
Philanthropy has no age limits: six 11-year-olds raised money for breast cancer research

Generosity has no age limits. Six Ottawa children presented their $247.95 donation for breast cancer research at the Rose Ages Breast Health Centre. The neighbourhood friends found clever ways to raise money by raking leaves, cutting grass, selling lemonade, and shoveling snow.

Stephen Rawlings put ribbons on medals
Familiar Faces Engraving supports people recovering from brain injuries

For the past 18 years, Familiar Faces Engraving – a trophy shop in Ottawa – has quietly offered volunteer opportunities to people from The Ottawa Hospital’s Robin Easey Centre, who are recovering from brain injuries and looking to return to the workforce.

Marissa Lithopoulos
Researchers share passion for science with youth

Marissa Lithopoulos has always had a passion for science. “My favourite show growing up was ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy.’ I knew I wanted to be just like him one day.” She began delivering hands-on science activities in classrooms as part of the Let’s Talk Science outreach program in 2014 and has been hooked ever since.

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