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Historical Background

bonegraftEstablished in 1988, the National Capital Region Bone Bank has fulfilled the need for allograft bone to both campuses of the Ottawa Hospital as well as to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Inventories permitting the NCRBB also occasionally provide bone tissue to other regional hospitals.

As a result of rising organ and tissue donor rates and the escalating needs of allograft bone required for medical interventions, the services of the NCRBB has expanded dramatically over the years.

Allograft bone is the fundamental building block in orthopedics. Since 1999, the NCRBB issues, on average, 140 allograft bone per year. To that end, such procedures as limb sparing surgery, joint replacement and structural support all contribute to the healing process and prompt recovery of our patients. Progress in medical science has resulted in the transplantation of these human tissues, ensuring an enhanced quality of life for all who receive them.


Last updated on: December 30th, 2016