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The Ottawa Hospital Drug Information Service is part of the Pharmacy Department and answer requests from all hospital staff but most commonly receive questions from physicians, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses and health-care professionals in training.

It also provides support to the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee for drug information and evaluation. Bilingual services are provided by pharmacists, who are dedicated to that speciality, and are also involved in clinical practice and education. Five pharmacy residents have a compulsory four-week rotation at the beginning of their training.

The Ottawa Valley Regional Drug Information Service (OVRDIS) is located at The Ottawa Hospital – General Campus, and shares resources, space and staff with the hospital’s drug information service. OVRDIS is administered by The Ottawa Hospital. An on-going quality assurance program involving user satisfaction surveys is an inherent part of the service and ensures excellence. Bilingual services are provided by pharmacists who are not only specialists in drug information but who are also involved in clinical practice.

Services are provided to pharmacists employed by hospitals, community pharmacies, government and professional organizations who subscribe to the service. Other health professionals may directly access the service if they have no access to a pharmacist. Our goal is to help pharmacists fulfil their role as drug information providers, as clinical practitioners, as educators and as modern managers. As part of this mandate, OVRDIS has compiled and maintain an extensive annotated list of links to drug information web sites around the world.


Question and Answer Service
Our resources and expertise enable us to respond to your questions about therapeutics, adverse effects, pharmacokinetics, interactions, drug identification and availability, drug administration, pharmaceutics and pharmacy administration.

Education Program
OVRDIS sponsors Update, an annual day on therapeutics. It is offered to members for reduced registration fees. OVRDIS will also assist you by providing references for your educational presentations or suggestions for speakers.

Hours of Service
Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday (except holidays) with emergency on-call service at other times.

Access to the Service
The service is accessible to paying clients only.

Subscription Costs

Subscription Costs
Service Client Cost
Question & Answer Service and Publications Community Pharmacy $590 /year
Community Pharmacist
(individual subscription)
$510 /year
Consultant Pharmacist $190 /year plus
$145 /hour
Hospitals Cost varies, contact
Drug Information
Publications only All $190 /year


  • RxInfo Q&A (4 issues per year)
    Will address 1 or 2 frequently asked questions received from our clients using a question & answer format.
  • Therapeutic Tips & Trends (4 issues per year)
    Review of a therapeutic topic such as a novel drug class, novel use of a drug or drug class, a new adverse drug reaction or a drug interaction of concern
  • Parenteral Drug Therapy Manual
    Published annually in both French and English, it provides all essential information for the parenteral administration of drugs.
  • The Ottawa Hospital Formulary
    Published annually, it lists drugs that are currently available in the hospital. It also features policies from the pharmacy department and from the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (e.g. automatic substitutions, prescribing restrictions of some drugs). A section is devoted to drug information and includes some drug \ comparison charts, compatibility, drug administration, pharmacokinetics and some guidelines from the literature.


General Campus Civic Campus
Mirella Giudice, B.Sc.Pharm., ACPR Anne Massicotte, B.Pharm., M.Sc.
Dina MacLeod, B.Sc.Pharm., ACPR Lorraine Burns, Admin. Assistant
Meghan Hayes, B.Sc.Pharm., ACPR
Christine Weatherston, B.Sc.Pharm., ACPR
Nathalie Grégoire, B.Pharm.