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Become a Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy CareersIn Canada today, a Physiotherapist is a university graduate with a minimum of four years undergraduate academic training. In addition, they must complete multiple clinical internships in recognized health-care facilities.

All practicing physiotherapists in Ontario are licensed to practice through provincial legislation. After graduation from a recognized school of physiotherapy or rehabilitation, the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, the regulatory body of physiotherapists, requires that candidates pass the Physiotherapy National Examination.

Starting in 2010, entry to practice as a physiotherapist in Canada will be at the Clinical Masters level of preparation. Physiotherapy Programs in Canada are now exclusively accepting students for a Master’s level of preparation.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in Physiotherapy, please follow the links below to get contact information from a University currently offering a degree in Physiotherapy near you.

Become a Rehabilitation or Physiotherapy Assistant

Physiotherapy CareersAll job postings for Physiotherapy Assistant / Rehabilitation Assistant positions at The Ottawa Hospital require graduation from a recognized college-level Physiotherapy Assistant programme.

These programmes prepare graduates for the safe and proficient delivery of therapeutic techniques and activities as directed by registered Physiotherapists.

Many colleges require that both physiotherapy and occupational therapy assistant programmes are completed for graduation, thus enabling a dual role of Physiotherapy Assistant and Occupational Therapy Assistant in the workplace. College Programs for Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation Support Personnel in Canada

Physiotherapy Assistants work in a variety of settings such as: acute care, long term care and rehabilitation facilities and in community services: schools, home health care, public health organizations, recreational facilities and a variety of clinics.

The Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities is in the process of implementing accreditation standards for those educational institutions offering Physiotherapy Assistant and Occupational Therapy Assistant academic programmes.