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The Ottawa Hospital celebrates physicians who put patients first

The Ottawa Hospital celebrates physicians who put patients firstJune 26, 2013 – This year, The Ottawa Hospital’s annual report celebrates the physicians who are recognized as leaders in their field because their innovations are a result of putting the needs of their patients first. Through their game-changing research, these leaders have made a positive difference in the health of our patients. In the process, their work has resulted in advances to personalized cancer care, less invasive alternatives to hysterectomies, and a world-first clinical trial using genetically enhanced stem cells to heal the heart.

The report also features some of the clinicians and scientists who work at The Ottawa Hospital and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. They talk about their made-in-Ottawa innovations that are improving health care around the world.

“Better is never good enough at an academic health centre such as The Ottawa Hospital. That’s what drives our professionals who tirelessly seek new ways to save lives and enhance well-being,” said Dr. Jack Kitts, President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital. “We are proud of these leaders who are truly worthy of the trust that our patients place in our hospital.”

“By putting the needs of their patients at the centre of all that they do, physicians at The Ottawa Hospital have found more efficient, user-friendly ways to deliver services while improving the health outcomes of the people they treat,” said Carole Workman, Chair of the Board of Governors. “I invite everyone to learn more by visiting our annual report at www.worldclasscare.ca.”

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Emergency Update

Civic Campus on backup power

The Civic Campus is on backup power

We are still able to provide emergency care. However, we won’t be back to business as usual until normal power is restored.

We are working with Hydro Ottawa to get power restored as quickly as possible

We currently have 5 patients with injuries related to last night\\\'s storm, 1 of them arrived this morning. 2 in critical condition, 1 serious, 2 stable.

Updates will be posted on Twitter.


Le Campus Civic est alimenté par une source électrique de secours

Nous pouvons donner des soins urgents. Cependant, nous ne pouvons pas fournir de soins ou de services habituels avant le rétablissement complet du réseau électrique.

Nous travaillons avec Hydro Ottawa afin de rétablir le courant le plus tôt possible.

Nous soignons cinq patients blessés par la tempête d\\\'hier soir. L\\\'un d\\\'entre eux est arrivé ce matin. Deux des patients sont en état de santé critique, un patient est en état de santé grave et les deux autres patient sont en état stable.

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