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About PFAC at The Ottawa Hospital

pfac_team1The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Program recognizes the important role that patients and their family members have in improving the overall cancer care experience. The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is an opportunity for us to connect with you and your loved ones and get your feedback on how we deliver care. Your input is vital in helping us to make changes that will improve the experience of cancer patients and their families at The Ottawa Hospital.

As a member of the PFAC, you might be asked to participate in regular council meetings, give feedback on written materials, as well as take part in various committees and working groups as needed.  At the heart of our work is the philosophy of patient and family-centered care – the belief that the patient, their family, and the health-care team are partners, working together to improve the patient experience.

pfac_team2Our PFAC Objectives

  • To promote a culture of patient and family-centered care
  • To be active consultants to the Regional Cancer Program
  • To serve as a link between the Cancer Program and the patient community at large

For more information about the PFAC, or if you are interested in becoming a Patient or Family Member Advisor to the Cancer Program, please take a look at our PFAC FAQ sheet.

Contact us:


Gwen Barton


Phone: 613-737-77700, ext. 73633


Last updated on: December 5th, 2018