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Often, when something may be wrong, staff members are the first to know – and they need to feel comfortable speaking out.

Employees, physicians, volunteers and trainees at The Ottawa Hospital can use ClearView Connects  to speak up using an easy, safe and confidential system.

Staff members can call a dedicated phone number and speak to an agent, leave a voicemail, send a letter, or submit a report online. The system operates in English or French and allows anyone reporting to remain anonymous. ClearView operates similar reporting systems in other large organizations.

To file a report, call 1-844-450-2793 or visit

This new system is not designed to replace any existing reporting structures, and issues should continue to be brought up through the hospital’s well-established processes when possible. This includes reporting most issues to your manager for action, reporting safety and quality issues to the Safety Office or to the Patient Safety Learning System, and reporting potential privacy breaches to the Privacy Office.

Patients and family members:

If you have questions, feedback or complaints about the care you or your family member is receiving, your health-care team needs to know. Please don’t hesitate to initiate a discussion with your nurse, your physician or the clinical manager.

If, after speaking to the health-care team and the manager, you feel your case requires further attention, we invite you to contact the Patient Advocacy Department.