Patients gain independence with each breath

The CANVent Program, developed at The Ottawa Hospital, uses revolutionary nonsurgical technology to help neuromuscular patients breathe on their own.

Grateful tattoo artist no longer takes blood thinners thanks to made-in-Ottawa rule

Tattoo artist Sarah Rogers works on a client's tattoo.

Sarah Rogers would have been taking blood thinners for life, if not for research at The Ottawa Hospital.

Molecular testing helps patient get into clinical trial

Cathy Chapman and her sister Enid Hollohan sit on a hospital bed and speak with clinical trial coordinator Saara Ali, standing

Chemotherapy wasn’t working for Cathy Chapman. However, a genetic test found a mutation that meant she could take part in a new international cancer drug trial – the first patient in Canada.

Monitoring catches fainting patient’s irregular heartbeat

Jacinthe Bisson standing outside

A small percentage of people who faint suffer from serious medical conditions that are difficult to catch, which is why a new monitoring system has potential to save lives.