Employees and Nursing professionals
12,003 Employees
4,440 Nurses
Illustration of a physician 1,481 Physicians and Midwives
Illustration of a resident/fellow 1,194 Residents and fellows
Illustration of a paramedic student 17 Paramedic student placements
Illustration of a medical student 658 Medical students
Illustration of a nursing placement 1,594 Nursing placements
Illustration of a volunteer 1,100 Volunteers
Researcher's data-137 Basic and clinical scientists, 663 clinical investigators, 471 Trainee researchers, 931 Research support staff, 2,201 Total researchers
4th Hospital in Canada for peer-reviewed funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research

3rd Hospital in Canada for peer-reviewed funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research

5th Hospital in Canada for overall research funding

5th Hospital in Canada for overall research funding

1.4B Impact on Ottawa economy due to our research (since 2001)

$1.5B Impact on Ottawa economy due to our research (since 2001)

47 Active patent families

53 Active patent families

7 Spin-off companies

7 Spin-off companies

1,122 Beds

1,202 Beds

10 State-of-the-art core research facilities

11 State-of-the-art core research facilities

65 Scientific research labs

62 Scientific research labs

562 Active clinical trials

611 Active clinical trials

11,583 Patients enrolled in clinical trials

10,869 Patients enrolled in clinical trials

7.7 Average length of stay (days)

7.9 Average length of stay (days)

58,191 Patient admissions

59,369 Patient admissions

177,679 Emergency visits

174,360 Emergency visits

1,168,528 Ambulatory care visits

1,174,879 Ambulatory care visits

50,360 Surgical cases

51,701 Surgical cases

6,178 Babies delivered

6,211 Babies delivered



Corporate performance scorecard

At The Ottawa Hospital, excellence in patient care is our priority.

By improving wait times, patients’ rating of experience and other key measures of a high-performing hospital, our goal is to rank among the top 10 percent of North American hospitals in providing safe, high-quality care to our patients.

Corporate performance scorecard
Strategic direction Category Indicator 2017–2018 result



Overall rating of experience – inpatients

Percent of admitted patients who rated their experience as 9 or 10 out of 10.



Hospital standardized mortality ratio (HSMR)

Ratio of actual deaths to the number of expected deaths. A ratio greater than 100 means more deaths occurred than expected; a ratio less than 100 means fewer deaths occurred than expected.



Cost per weighted case – acute and day surgery patients

Average cost of a standard hospital stay for an acute or day-surgery patient.



Percentage of patients admitted through the Emergency Department who waited 24 hours or less before admission.




Staff incidents – reportable (average per 30 days)



Absenteeism – annualized (sick days per full-time employee)




Research success composite score

Calculated from the:

  • number of research studies published
  • number of times published research is cited
  • number of patients participating in clinical trials
  • number of patients consenting to be contacted for research purposes
  • amount of external funding received

Our community

System integration

30-day unplanned readmissions

Percent of patients readmitted within 30 days of hospital discharge.




Total margin

Percent by which consolidated revenues vary from consolidated expenses. Negative variance indicates revenues are lower than expenses; positive variance indicates revenues are higher than expenses.