Claude Doucet and Cam

Over the past year, we consulted our employees, physicians, patients and partners, leading to the launch of our new strategic plan, which will guide our decision-making in the coming years. Our plan is built on four strategic directions.

The first is Enhancing the Quality of Care for Patients. We are focused on developing programs and services that are integrated across all sectors and care for people in our community before they come to hospital, during their stay with us and afterwards. We also continue to focus on building digitally-advanced infrastructure for the future, and we are thrilled to report that with the support of our partners, The Ottawa Hospital has begun construction on the new campus. Our new campus is a key to the future of health care in the Ottawa region, and the support and engagement from our community has been tremendous, already raising more than $268 million of our Foundation’s $500 million goal for the Campaign to Create Tomorrow.

The people that work at The Ottawa Hospital are at the heart of our second direction, Igniting the Power of People. The future of our hospital is strengthened by our entire team, and we are focused on recruiting, retaining and supporting our workforce through a comprehensive wellness strategy that includes our new Wellness Centre, mental health counseling, conflict resolution services and programs that support our teams at work and at home.

Our third direction, Nurturing our Social Responsibility, is instrumental in repositioning our organization for the future. We have begun a journey to reconciliation in partnership with our Indigenous Peoples Advisory Circle, and this work, alongside the work of our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council, is positioning our people and organization to address the systemic racism that exists at The Ottawa Hospital. In addition, our drive and plans to become more environmentally friendly are critical to doing our part in supporting the health of our planet and community.

Our fourth strategic direction is Accelerating Discovery, and here the stories we have to share are truly remarkable, including world-first in-utero and preterm baby treatments. The list of groundbreaking discoveries at The Ottawa Hospital continues to grow, as does our international reputation for research excellence. Yet far more important, with each new research breakthrough, more and more lives are saved and improved.

The future of The Ottawa Hospital is bright, and we truly believe that through innovation, investment and dedication we can lead the way in building a more equitable, accessible and sustainable health-care system for all. We are honoured to be on that journey together.

Claude Doucet
Chair, Board of Governors, The Ottawa Hospital

Cameron Love
President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital

Katie and Dr. Duncan Stewart

It has been another exciting year for the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, with the launch of our Strategic Plan, Designing the Future of Health Care!

This plan, which is closely integrated with The Ottawa Hospital’s Strategic Plan, continues to put patients at the heart of everything we do, with two overarching Strategic Research Priorities designed to accelerate the development of new treatments and better health care.

By restructuring our Scientific Programs and fostering Research Communities, we are strengthening the full spectrum of health research, from basic discovery to clinical research to implementation. We will also enhance collaboration, enable greater engagement of clinicians in research and increase alignment with Clinical Departments.

Our Strategic Plan also reinforces our commitment to enhancing the experience of students and postdoctoral fellows, strategically recruiting new talent and strengthening our core research facilities and resources, all while ensuring financial sustainability.

In line with our fundamental social responsibilities, our plan also includes significant emphasis on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), Truth and Reconciliation and planetary health.

Realizing this plan will strengthen The Ottawa Hospital’s position as a leading global force in translational research, leveraging our unique success in moving discoveries from the bench to the bedside and changing clinical practice through rigorous clinical trials, knowledge translation and implementation science. It will also position our city as a major hub for the translation of bioscience and health innovation into better health care, in partnership with the University of Ottawa and others.

We’re proud that we continue to rank among the top five hospitals in Canada for peer-reviewed funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. We look forward to continued success as we move forward with implementing our Strategic Plan and integrating research into The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus.

None of this would be possible without the incredible dedication of our research staff and trainees, as well as the entire hospital team. We thank and recognize everyone who enables life-changing research at The Ottawa Hospital, including our patients, volunteers and donors.

Katie Lafferty
Chair, Board of Directors, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Dr. Duncan Stewart
CEO and Scientific Director, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Executive Vice-President, Research, The Ottawa Hospital
Professor, University of Ottawa

Tim and Janet

This past year has been a powerful reminder of the incredible impact our community can have on the future of health care. The generosity we’ve seen from so many of you has been truly inspiring. In April, we celebrated the one-year mark of our Campaign to Create Tomorrow by announcing that we had passed the halfway point of our $500-million goal, with $268 million donated to date.

Each one of us will benefit from the success of this campaign, which supports the construction of the new campus and takes ground-breaking research to unprecedented heights. We have farther to go, but we are confident we will achieve our ambitious goal.

As we continue to gratefully receive donations from across the region and beyond, we will remain good stewards of this generosity. Please take a moment to read our 2022 Impact Report, which offers a snapshot of how donations are making a difference. We were also thrilled to learn that for the 10th consecutive year, we received the High-Performer status from the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy.

Momentum is building, and we know that with the support of the community, we will create a better tomorrow for generations to come.

With gratitude,

Janet McKeage
Chair, Board of Directors, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation

Tim Kluke
President and CEO, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation