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Katherine Cotton
Katherine Cotton, Chair, Board of Governors,
The Ottawa Hospital

Every single day, staff members across The Ottawa Hospital strive to give the best compassionate care they can to every patient and family member. They’re always ready to help and to heal.

Our staff members are also always ready to embrace innovation. Medical advancement happens quickly – especially in a hospital renowned for lab-to-bedside research and pioneering new treatments. Because of this, every single day, we see the future of health care taking shape at The Ottawa Hospital.

This year, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our staff members and our partners at every level of government, as well as our passionate, engaged community, we are several steps closer to building a 21st-century health-care facility to replace the nearly-100-year-old Civic Campus.

This is a chance to strengthen Ottawa’s position as a leader in health care and a leader in health research and innovation. It’s a chance to shape health care for the future of our city and our region, for our grandchildren, and their families.

We know this is a once-in-a-generation chance, and we don’t take it lightly.

We’re also proud to welcome Dr. Virginia Roth as The Ottawa Hospital’s new Chief of Staff. Dr. Roth, an infectious disease specialist, is highly respected for delivering skilled, compassionate care. In addition, she’s an innovative thinker who is passionate about caring for our doctors so that they in turn can care for patients.

In this role, our Board is confident that she will build on the work of her predecessor, Dr. Jeff Turnbull, and continue to propel the hospital forward.

We’re ready for the future of health care. And with your help, as patients and members of our community, we’re creating it right here in Ottawa.

Tim Kluke, Dr. Jack Kitts, and Dr. Duncan Stewart
Tim Kluke, Dr. Jack Kitts, and Dr. Duncan Stewart

Care is such a small word, and yet it fills a large space. Care fills the room when our staff and physicians show compassion at a bedside. It fills the labs where researchers find solutions to diseases. It fills the hearts of entire communities when they generously support us as we deliver that care. We all thrive when we stand together and care for our patients.

Together, we shared in many successes in 2017-2018. Among them, The Ottawa Hospital was awarded an exemplary standing—the highest standard set by Accreditation Canada. Exemplary standing means that The Ottawa Hospital is a leader among health-care institutions in Canada. More importantly, it shows that we deliver consistent and compassionate care in every department, and this means the world to our patients and their families.

Outstanding care is enriched by great research. Our researchers doggedly strive for breakthroughs that lead to better treatments, shorter wait times, less pain and faster healing. Simply put, research improves patient care by improving patient outcomes. Our world-first discoveries and made-in-Ottawa treatments are shaping care for patients worldwide.

We continue to develop new ways to advance the valuable partnership between patient care and research. Over the coming decade, we will plan and build a new, state-of-the-art, 21st-century learning and research hospital to replace the aging Civic Campus. Patient-centred care will inspire the design. Our patients will have more room to be close to family when it matters, more privacy, and more natural light. Healing, both physically and emotionally, will be paramount. This health and research hub will enable us to continue our outstanding work and set the stage for an exciting future.

We are delighted to present The Ottawa Hospital’s annual report for 2017–2018 that highlights the extraordinary care, research and community support that sets our hospital apart. You’ll read remarkable stories of compassion, discovery and innovation that are just a few of the thousands of success stories from The Ottawa Hospital over the past year.


Dr. Jack Kitts, President and CEO,
The Ottawa Hospital
Dr. Duncan Stewart, CEO and Scientific Director,
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute,
Executive Vice-President, The Ottawa Hospital
Tim Kluke, President and CEO,
The Ottawa Hospital Foundation

Patricia Kosseim
Patricia Kosseim, Chair, Board of Directors,
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
I am constantly wowed by the incredible research taking place at The Ottawa Hospital. Our world-leading researchers are finding cutting-edge solutions to some of the biggest challenges in health and patient care. Their results are making a difference not only in Ottawa, but around the world.

For example, we recently launched the first clinical trial in the world of an exciting new approach to prevent cancer from coming back after surgery, by boosting the immune system. If this works, it could become the first treatment of its kind. We also just completed the world’s first clinical trial of a stem cell therapy for septic shock, with promising preliminary results. And we developed a tool that could change how blood clots are treated around the world – potentially saving hundreds of thousands of women from unnecessary treatment.

We’ve made exciting progress in developing and testing new treatments for heart failure, Parkinson’s disease, lung problems in newborns and much more.

And importantly, we’ve developed best practices that researchers around the world are using to publish their results for maximum impact. This year, we saw the launch of the Centre for Implementation Research, which will redefine how our research is translated into practice.

I’m also very proud that our researchers have continued to outperform their peers in major research grant competitions. For example, we achieved double the national success rate in the latest funding competition from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, with 16 successful grants. This is a remarkable testament to the excellent quality of innovative research taking place at The Ottawa Hospital, in partnership with the University of Ottawa.

I would like to congratulate all the researchers and staff at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and my fellow board members for a fantastic year of achievement. Thanks to your dedication and hard work, we are transforming lives and redesigning the future of health care around the world.

James Harmon
James Harmon, Chair, Board of Directors
The Ottawa Hospital Foundation

Changing lives and saving lives. That is the powerful effect philanthropy has on health care at The Ottawa Hospital.

There is a direct connection between community generosity and the world-class care and research taking place here in Ottawa. It is incredible community support that allows our researchers to keep creating world-first treatments and discovering the latest innovations. These made-in-Ottawa solutions to some of the world’s biggest health-care problems are having a positive impact on patients around the globe.

Closer to home, I know my own family’s health and wellness, and that of thousands of other families in our region, has been made better by our hospital. Together, we’re building a lasting health-care legacy that will continue to give for generations to come. This simple fact makes me so proud to be involved with The Ottawa Hospital.