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  • Fran Cosper’s long-distance recovery from Guillain Barré Syndrome

    Fran Cosper had three physiotherapy sessions a week in The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre pool. “There’s something about visually seeing yourself walk and move in a weightless environment – it’s a mind-body connection,” said Cosper, who walked out of the centre in October. “That’s when the mind realizes ‘it’s possible.’ If you can visualize it, […]

  • ‘Prehab’ helps patients recover from surgery faster

    The literature backs up the benefits of ‘prehab,’ said Elyse Pratt-Johnson (left), a physiotherapist who works with patients before surgery to improve their fitness and function so they recover faster. You’ve heard of ‘rehab’ but what about ‘prehab’? “The name is not well known but the concept sure has had a positive uptake,” said Jane […]