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  • Sailing enthusiast tests patient-centred approach to Parkinson’s care

    Sailing enthusiast Peter Juryn joined a pilot study that put him in charge of managing his Parkinson’s disease. An expert nurse helped him set his own care priorities and referred him to health-care professionals who specialize in his care needs. Sailing is a life-long love affair for Peter Juryn that began when was nine years […]

  • Fresh air and gardens improve mental health: natural remedies for patients and staff

    Linda Ferro-Chartrand, RN at the General Campus Intensive Care Unit, often accompanies patients who are able to leave the unit to wellness areas such as the Butterfly Garden, between the General Campus and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Fresh air, open space, and warm sunlight peeking through leaves swaying in a cool breeze. Sometimes […]

  • Hands-on, meaningful work drives Cancer Centre volunteer

    Mike Soloski loves nothing more than the look of happiness and relaxation on patients’ faces when he helps them with their needs. Mike Soloski wanted to do meaningful, hands-on volunteer work in his retirement, and he found his niche at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre. As he helps patients feel more comfortable and empowered, Soloski […]

  • Are you technostressed or technosavvy? 6 tips to balance techno-perils and techno-pleasures

    If you feel that technostress is interfering with your daily activities or your relationships, you may need to change some behaviours to make technology work for you.   Technostress can interfere with your daily activities or relationships. If you feel that’s happening to you, your coping system may need the free upgrade recommended by two […]