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  • Researchers share passion for science with youth

    Stem cell researcher and PhD student Marissa Lithopoulos has volunteered with the Let’s Talk Science outreach program since 2014. The University of Ottawa chapter of this national program celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Photo by Zhaoyi Chen. Marissa Lithopoulos has always had a passion for science. “My favourite show growing up was ‘Bill Nye […]

  • Big data can help the smallest babies

    Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital have developed an algorithm that can accurately estimate a newborn’s gestational age to within one to two weeks. Dr. Kumanan Wilson and his team have a novel approach to finding out how often babies are born preterm in low-resource countries. They’re using data collected from routine newborn blood tests and […]

  • Patients invited to “Ask me about our research”

    The Ottawa Hospital is launching a campaign to make research more visible and accessible to patients. Clinical Research Facilitator Tammy Beaudoin is leading the charge with colourful buttons inviting patients to ask staff questions about research. When people first arrive at The Ottawa Hospital, research is often the last thing on their minds. Yet research […]