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Registered nurse provides the highest-quality care for patients at The Ottawa Hospital


Wereley Annie & Dr Kitts pinning

Annie Wereley is an RN (registered nurse) at The Ottawa Hospital who demonstrates world-class care and exceptional service through her dedication to her patients and nursing team every day. Annie obtained her nursing diploma in 2002 from the Cegep of Sherbrooke, Quebec. She began working at The Ottawa Hospital on 5 West (Hematology, BMT) in June, 2002. She went on to work in Medical Day Care and was hired on full time in 2007. Annie now works in Malignant Hematology as a Clinical Nurse Expert along with six other nurse experts. She cares for all hematology patients receiving chemotherapy and her primary focus is the leukemia patients.

“Annie is extremely compassionate and always listens to your needs and concerns. She fulfils all aspects of her position to the fullest. A truly wonderful human being!  I could not have been more blessed than to have her as my nurse.  Thanks again.” Anonymous

Annie was recently honoured with her 16th Guardian Angel pin whereby patients and/or co-workers pay tribute to a staff member by making a donation in their name. The awarded person then receives an angel pin they can wear with pride.

Annie continues to care for patients in a kind and compassionate way, ensuring the care they receive during their stay at The Ottawa Hospital is of the highest quality.


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