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Meaghan Pearson


Thank you to 5E Meaghan Pearson
For Mario and 5E team:

Your team has made all of my stays at TOH the best they could possibly be.

Anytime I hear that I am to be sent to 5E at the General Campus, a tranquil sense of happiness rushes over me. I know I am being sent to a sanctuary where everyone will know what to do with me, and I will have no reason for concern. I have been graced with the most amazing respect, unbelievable care, compassion, and such special touches and individualized attention.

If I had had the chance to finish my studies and fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse, there would be nowhere I would rather work and learn than among you. Each member of the 5E team embraces the philosophies and standards of care that I would aspire to, and that I strongly believe in.

I am comforted to know that care is given on 5E is not only as it should be, but goes above and beyond. Thank you for everything.


A new nurse on 5E

Since she wrote the letter to the team on 5E at the General Campus, one of Meaghan Pearson’s dreams has come true.

In a special ceremony held on 5E on Friday, August 5, Meaghan graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Nursing. Meaghan’s supporters, including family, friends, and 5E team members she has come to know well, were on hand to congratulate her on her graduation.

Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who made this special day possible.


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