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First surgery ever


Mayhew KelliI was scheduled for my first surgery ever on March 8, 2011 and was extremely anxious about it.  The entire team was amazing in making me feel better, but I would like to thank  nurse Kelli, in particular,  from the Surgical Day Care Unit who helped make me feel more relaxed prior to my surgery, and who also took excellent care of me upon returning to the SDCU.   She is an example to follow!!!!!!

I was so impressed with her.  She came by my bedside so often to make sure i was alright, and even came to say goodbye at the end of her shift.  She is truly an amazing nurse!  She made my stay in the Surgical Day Care Unit most comfortable from the minute I arrived for registration, until the end of her shift at 6pm.

The entire team (surgeon, anaesthesists etc) was amazing, but she really made a big impression on me because i was terrified and she helped me calm down.  I don’t know how well i would have coped without her.



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