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An Ottawa Hospital attendant receives Medal of Bravery Award


An Ottawa Hospital attendant at the Eye Care OR (operating room), Chad Khadr, was recently awarded Canada’s Medal of Bravery at the Governor General’s Residence for his courageous act of heroism.

In March 2010, Chad and his cousin were driving home from a shopping trip in New York State on a rainy day in Montreal and came across a car that had hydroplaned into the median. Chad and his cousin immediately pulled over and saw an unconscious man trapped in a car full of smoke and flames. His daughter was screaming for help on the side of the road hoping that someone could rescue her father. The car door was jammed and after a few failed attempts, Chad used his belt to pry the car door open while his cousin was on the passenger’s side to undo the man’s seatbelt. Moments after the man was rescued, the car exploded.

The Ottawa Hospital is lucky to have a true hero who cares for patients and their well being every day. Congratulations on this prestigious award!


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Henry Pau - August 14, 2017


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