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Atlas Alliance Guiding Principles

As the Atlas Alliance, we stand together, bound by our principles, and agree to the following commitments:
  • Make decisions in the best interests of patients.

  • Focus on the best approach for the region, while balancing the needs of various constituencies.

  • Support the use of the Epic Health Information System.

  • Prioritize the implementation and optimization of workflows via the Epic Health Information System.

  • Own and drive clinical and operational leadership.

  • Implement the Epic Health Information System over all other information technology investments, except those that support urgent patient safety and regulatory requirements.

  • Integrate solutions provided by the Epic Health Information System.

  • Harmonize workflow processes so that they lead to consistent outcomes.

  • Use evidence-based content across the continuum of care and within every care setting.


Project Fusion is governed by both a team of executives and a steering committee comprised of representatives from all the Atlas Alliance partners. Project direction and resulting high-level decisions are reached through these two governing bodies. The input from these two governing bodies is then channeled through the program office and down through Project Fusion’s core team and contributors.

Last updated on: April 20th, 2018