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Phase 2 Vaccination: patients with the Cancer department

We are pleased to know that patients undergoing cancer treatment or living with cancer will be vaccinated in Phase 2 of the Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccination plan. We know you likely have questions about when you will receive the vaccine.

In general, it is safe for patients with cancer to get the vaccine. This website is a good source of information to learn more about the risks and benefits – COVID-19 vaccines: Information for people with cancer.

We are working with care teams at the Cancer Program to identify patients who have accessed our services in the past 2 years.

If you fall into one of these categories, we will contact you soon via email or phone in the following order:

  • Highest Risk: Patients with recently diagnosed hematological malignancy and/or stem cell transplant recipients.
  • High Risk: Patients who have recently received or are on active treatments causing suppressed immune systems (example: chemotherapy)
  • At Risk: All other cancers.

More information on these categories can be found here: COVID-19: Guidance for Prioritization of Phase 2 Populations for COVID-19 Vaccination.

Thank you for your patience!