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You’re in my care: Leadership students make ‘get well’ cards for patients

Annika Scrivens (left) and Julia van Wesenbeeck

Annika Scrivens (left) and Julia van Wesenbeeck are members of the leadership club at Connaught Elementary school that made 50 ‘get well’ cards for patients.

A special group of patients at The Ottawa Hospital recently had plenty of reasons to smile – 50 reasons, in fact.

Students in the Connaught Elementary School’s leadership program made 50 ‘get well’ cards for patients as part of their ‘Week of We.’ They were inspired by the worldwide “WE” movement, which encourages people of all ages to make positive changes in their community.

Volunteers delivered the ‘get well’ cards to delighted patients.

“Even if it’s not a big thing, when you’re sick little things can help a lot,” said Julia van Wesenbeeck, a Grade 5 student at Connaught.

Students like Julia and Annika were given an assignment to raise awareness for health. They decided that making ‘get well’ cards would make a positive impact on patients.

Patients were delighted and touched by the gesture. It truly brightened the day and let them know that people were thinking about them.

It also made a positive impact on the students.

“I knew that cards and people knowing that other people cared for them could help, but I also think that doing this activity helped me understand more how it helps,” explained Julia.

Thanks to these students, we are reminded that when it comes to kindness, there is no age limit.

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