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Offered by The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Program:

Offered by The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Program
Title Purpose Registration Details
911 Group This is a 6 week group intended for people with cancer, at any point of the trajectory, who are feeling highly distressed and overwhelmed by a sudden upsurge in difficulties. The focus is to help people to better manage feelings of depression and/or anxiety, to better understand the various issues linked to the cancer experience, to learn about stress-reduction strategies and other existing resources. Contact PSOP office at. (613) 737-7700 ext. 70516
Caregiver Support Group This group is for those caring for loved ones with cancer. It provides an opportunity to speak to others that understand and to learn about resources and services. Contact PSOP office at. (613) 737-7700 ext. 70516
Connextions 18-35 A group for people between 18-35 years of age, who are coping with special problems regarding relationships, self-image, education, career and lifestyle changes. Meet others, discuss / share experiences and explore coping strategies. Contact PSOP office at. (613) 737-7700 ext. 25200
Coping with Cancer Stress A 6 week support group for patients and family members. Learn about the normal reactions to cancer, how to cope and how to reduce stress. Contact PSOP office at. (613) 737-7700 ext. 70516
Healing Circles A 6 week group for patients undergoing cancer treatment. The focus of the group is based on Dr. Alistair Cunningham’s concept of the “mind-body” connection as a part of the healing process. Group participants will be introduced to relaxation and visual imagery exercises. This group is suggested as a follow-up to the Coping with Cancer Stress group. Contact PSOP office at. (613) 737-7700 ext. 70516
Next Steps: Preparing for the End of Life This is an 8 weeks open group for patients and loved ones who have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness who are facing the end of life trajectory and have questions about end of life issues. Contact PSOP office at (613) 737-7700 ext. 70516
Stepping Stones A 6 week support group for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Contact social worker, Linda Corsini at 613-798-5555 ext. 16563


Offered by Regional Partners:

Offered by Regional Partners
Title Purpose  Regional  Partner Contact Information
Adult Brain Tumour Support Group A monthly support group for people with brain tumours, as well as their families. Brain Tumour Foundation
The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Maplesoft Centre, 1500 Alta Vista Drive. For further information please call 1-800-265-5106 ext. 234
Breast Cancer Action: Group Fitness Classes Classes: Improve your strength, flexibility and overall well being in an instructor lead, group fitness program for those diagnosed with breast cancer. Call 613-736-5921 for more details.
Cancer Coaching at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Cancer Coaching exists to help you and your family meet the challenges of cancer, achieve your health and wellness goals and improve your quality of life.  It focuses on your physical, informational, emotional and practical needs.

It is available to anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, or anyone supporting a loved one who is facing cancer.

Services available include 1:1 Cancer Coaching, group coaching, nutrition coaching, workshops and healing therapies.  Interpretation is also available during coaching appointments for families experiencing language and cultural barriers.

Cancer Coaching can help you:

  • Develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to better understand and take charge of your cancer.
  • Improve your overall health and well-being
  • Manage common treatment side effects and reduce stress
  • Connect with others who share similar experiences
The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, 1500 Alta Vista Drive Ottawa, K1G 3Y9
Carcinoid NeuroEndocrine Tumor Society Support group for patients diagnosed with a carcinoid endocrine tumor. Meet every other month at the Maycourt Hospice, 114 Cameron Street at 7:00 p.m. For more information contact: Sherry O’Grady/Fox 613-762-2421.
Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada – Ottawa Support Group: To provide support and information to those living with colorectal cancer, their families, friends and caregivers.

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Maplesoft Centre, 1500 Alta Vista Drive. For more information please call Sandra, 613-745-8048 or email

Kanata & District Breast Cancer Support Group A support group for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Mlacak Center Hall D, 2500 Campeau Dr., Kanata. Information: Pauline Cramphorn 613 592-0305 or email:
Kidney Cancer Canada To provide information and support for patients living with kidney cancer. Meetings are available via live webcasts.
Leukemia Association of Ottawa Monthly support group for leukemia patients and their families, caregivers. Riverside United Church, 3191 Riverside Dr Information: 613-821-4656 or e-mail
Look Good…Feel Better Program A free workshop on cancer treatments for women wanting to know more about facial skin care, makeovers and options for hair loss. Pre-registration required Locations: Sept.10 at the General Campus of TOHCC, 2nd Floor, Conference Room A and B. Sept.28« at the Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre, Room A2706. Space is limited to 10. Telephone 613-737-7700 ext. 10315. A volunteer will return your call in 2 to 3 days. There is normally a 4 to 6 week wait before you will attend a LGFB session.
Lymphoma Support Group of Ottawa For lymphoma patients, their families and friends, to share experiences and learn from others. The Hospice at May Court, the River Room, 114 Cameron Street, Ottawa. For further information, please call 613-232-7795 or 613-241-7141 or visit their website:
Lymphomaniacs This group has been started with the intent to connect young adults with Lymphoma though quarterly socials, & on the web by offering a venue for people to connect. 140 Slater Street, The ARC, Upper Lobby.Contact for more information.
Multiple Myeloma Support Group of Ottawa Provides support and information to newly diagnosed patients and those living with Multiple Myeloma, as well as their families. The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Maplesoft Centre
1500 Alta Vista Drive
Ottawa ON K1G 3Y9Information: Irene (613-592-4937)
Nu-Voice Club of Ottawa A support/information group for individuals who have undergone a total laryngectomy (removal of voice box), and their families. For more information:
Angèle Lamothe or Avital Winer, 613-737-8899 ext. 79534
Prostate Cancer Canada Network Ottawa Newly diagnosed patients are welcome to an information session at 6:30 p.m. Formal meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. St. Stephen’s Anglican Church Hall, 930 Watson Avenue, Ottawa, ON. (near Pinecrest and the Queensway). Access the hall from the entrance in the parking lot at the back of the church. Please call 613-828-0762, e-mail or visit for further information.
United Ostomy Support Group Ottawa A support group for people who have or will have intestinal or urinary tract diversions and their families and caregivers. Canada Care Medical, 1644 Bank St (at Heron Road), behind Canadian Tire. For further information, please call 613-447-0361.