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The implementation process is carried out on each individual unit in three phases over a period of approximately three months. The length of time is dependent on the number of issues or challenges that the unit has to address.

Phase One: Preparatory Phase and Baseline Research page

In this phase, Clinical Managers, Nurse Educators, and Directors meet to discuss concerns and issues with respect to the impact of the Model on the unit, and to establish an “advanced team” which will review the Guiding Principles of the Model. The study is initiated at this time.

Phase Two: Advanced Team and Communication to Unit

This process involves a review of the Guiding Principles and the development of an action plan for their implementation on each unit. This process of review includes discussion among the Clinical Manager, clinical nurses, the Nurse Educator, and a representative from the multidisciplinary team.

Phase Three: Implementation and Annual Evaluation

MoNCP© is considered implemented when the majority of the Guiding Principles are met and action plans are well on their way to completion. Each unit reviews the Guiding Principles annually to ensure sustainability. The research protocol is carried out one and two years after implementation.

Implementation Tools

Several tools have been developed to support the implementation of MoNCP.

For more information contact the team at 613-798-5555 ext. 14976.

Implementation at TOH

Three facilitators helped to implement MoNCP© in over 100 units at five different sites:

  • General Campus
  • Civic Campus
  • Riverside Campus
  • Rehabilitation Centre
  • Cancer Centre

External Implementation

TOH MoNCP© has gained local, regional and national attention. Colleagues in other health-care organizations recognize the benefit of this unique organizational model of nursing care delivery and have partnered with The Ottawa Hospital Nursing Professional Practice Department to implement the Model in their institutions.

If you and your organization are in interested in the model please contact the team at 613-798-5555 ext. 14976.