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History and Development of TOH IPMPC©

Between 2004 and 2006, the chiefs of the health-care disciplines planned the re-design of the professional practice environment with input from the Professional Advisory Committee (PAC), the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC), Clinical leaders, Vice-Presidents of programs, and select groups of professionals. The redesign included the re-organization of the professional practice infrastructure and the development of a patient care model.

As part of the re-organization of the nursing professional practice infrastructure, TOH implemented the Model of Nursing Clinical Practice© (TOH MoNCP© – 2002-present). With it came increased job satisfaction, nursing staff retention, decreased burnout, increased patient safety, and improved organizational justice. A full report of the study and its results can be found on the CHSRF website.

The Ottawa Hospital Inter-Professional Model of Patient Care© is the next building block in the system redesign. The impetus for its development has been the desire to improve multi-disciplinary collaboration and the quality of care in the areas of decision making, continuity, and seamless care.

Representatives from all health disciplines developed a set of Guiding Principles for an ideal health-care delivery system. These principles were then modified and validated with focus groups of patients and families in different specialties. Once the preparatory work was completed, it was presented to Senior Management, the Professional Advisory Committee, and the Medical Advisory Committee, and adopted in May 2006 as the corporate direction for TOH.

Last updated on: January 6th, 2017