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What is the Inter-Professional Model of Patient Care©?

The Ottawa Hospital Inter-Professional Model of Patient Care© (TOH IPMPC©) is a guide to organize the delivery of patient care among health professionals from different disciplines, taking into account their competencies, collaborative patient-centered practice and the hospital’s strategic directions” [1]

Created by patients and their health-care providers, TOH IPMPC© is unique in its flexibility to be implemented hospital-wide across diverse teams.


A “Team” is a group of professionals from different disciplines that work together regularly to provide care to a specific patient population.

“Interprofessional care is the provision of comprehensive health services to patients by multiple health caregivers, who work collaboratively to deliver quality care within and across settings”[2].


We are grateful for the financial support from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MoHLTC) for the implementation of this inter-professional care initiative.

Also, we thank HealthForceOntario and the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for the grant we received to implement educational support for TOH IPMPC©.

[1] The Ottawa Hospital (2007).TOH IPMPC©. Professional Practice Newsletter, 1(1),2.

[2] HealthForceOntario (2007). Inter-Professional Care: A Blueprint for Action in Ontario. Toronto, Ontario: Author.