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Top 10 Interesting Facts about The Ottawa Hospital Model of Nursing Clinical Practice (TOH MoNCP©)


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  1. TOH MoNCP© is a set of guiding principles that organize the delivery of nursing care among different categories of nursing personnel, such as registered nurses (RN), registered practical nurses (RPN) and unregulated care providers (UCP).
  2. It was developed at TOH by nurses, academics and patient representatives because nurses from all practice domains identified they would like nursing practice to be aligned to one model to ensure high-quality, safe, and evidence-based patient care.
  3. It is the first nursing model to be developed in Canada as well as in the twenty-first century.
  4. TOH MoNCP© ensures professional autonomy and accountability by giving nurses the freedom to make decisions about patient care within his/her scope of practice, in collaboration with the patient/family.
  5. TOH MoNCP© benefits patients and their families by promoting continuity of care, open and timely communication and involvement in their care.
  6. Research has shown that the model has had a positive impact on the work environment and well-being of nurses.
  7. It has been or is currently being implemented in 25 health-care organizations across four provinces in Canada.
  8. As part of TOH MoNCP© the clinical nurse expert assignment is a built-in safety net for supporting nurses, especially novice nurses, by providing timely access to professional clinical expertise.
  9. Nursing unit councils are forums for nurses to voice their perspectives on unit-based issues, and supports TOH MoNCP© by promoting teamwork and communication, fostering autonomy and accountability, and promoting ongoing quality improvement and excellence in patient care.
  10. TOH MoNCP© builds empowered nurse leaders through involvement in nursing unit councils, Corporate Nursing Clinical Practice Committee and the clinical nurse expert assignment.

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