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Interdisciplinary Learning – Birthing Unit


C SectionWith the enthusiasm of our inter-professional collaborative team our Birthing Unit ran a very successful Code 333 emergency caesarean section simulation drill in mid-September.

Planning between key stakeholders allowed this to run in a timely manner while simultaneously maintaining quality care to our patients.

Learning Objectives included:



  1. Recognize need for emergency caesarean section and initiate Code 333.
  2. Nurses and obstetricians collaborate to mount a timely urgent C/S.
  1. Respond to Code 333.
  2. Rapid assessment of patient.
  3. Collaborate with nurses to mount emergency C/S.
  1. Respond to the Code 333, prepare resuscitation room.
  2. Resuscitate neonate.

Outcomes included:

  • Fun while learning!
  • Debriefing provided the opportunity for team members to identify methods to improve our Code 333 emergency caesarean section processes.
  • Novice to expert team members were able to share and learn from each other in a positive, non-threatening environment.
Birthing Unit
Birthing Unit
Birthing Unit
Birthing Unit

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J Houle Cezer - January 8, 2015

Feedback on the blog presentation: The Birthing Unit subject matter is not supported by the image that accompanies it since it depicts a senior with the nurse- incongruity. The last 4 photos do not open. Photos should illustrate and balance text.

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