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Busy bees are planning away! The buzz about fall for The Ottawa Hospital nurses


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Nursing is a profession that spans all aspects of your life – crossing over into home and play time. With such, to stay organized and keep sense of time and separate the ‘day-to-day,’ we look forward to the seasonal limits we set for ourselves. For many, this means looking forward to summer. And then summer fades (already??), and slowly the anticipation of the fall events builds, and so on.

For myself, I look forward to the buzz of the fall and the re-emergence of education days, education and skills fairs, workshops, communication programs and other exciting activities. Plans are already in place for numerous events and activities, and if you share the same passion about a program, topic, workshop or otherwise, it’s a great time to get involved with these important endeavours. The success of these programs multiplies with the participation from nurses working in all areas of The Ottawa Hospital.

Exciting changes happened within the last year in the way The Ottawa Hospital nurses communicate with each other. The social media platform, this blog, bedside shift report and transfer of accountability are just some major mentions. Nursing units have developed programs and tools for their own teams’ communications, which may be less publicised, but are just as important!

Starting again in September, the Nursing Communications Work Group is continuing their plan of monthly communication themes. The monthly programs help streamline information and deliver it to The Ottawa Hospital nurses in numerous ways, increasing access to information, as well as opening communication channels to the nurses who organized, developed or hosted events on these topics. For the schedule, see the table below:




Contact information

September Nursing Education Kirsti Weekes or 78439
October Model of Nursing Clinical Practice Salma Debs-Ivall or 73105
November Nursing Leadership Diane Fillion or 71366
January Best Practice: Falls Risk Reduction Cathy McCumber or 13722
February Nursing Research Kathy Momtahan or 16035
March Best Practice: Pain Susan Madden or 72690
April Best Practice: Pressure Ulcers Toba Miller or 75484
May Nursing Week Maggie Kennedy or 71546
June Inter-Professional Collaboration Diane Boisjoli or 17339

Another great way to stay informed is by reading the quarterly newsletter written for nurses, by nurses. Nursing News is an important link in staying up-to-date in what other nurses are creating, implementing, researching and celebrating at The Ottawa Hospital. Nursing News will now be released consistently every February, April, July and October. The weeks leading up to the distribution date are always buzzing with the broadcast of great nursing initiatives, so the Nursing News team hopes this set schedule will generate recognition and celebrations of nursing achievements throughout the year.

Information about workshops, education days, fairs, in-services, resources and everything in between is always shared on our social media platform. Follow “TOH Nurses” on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to keep in the loop and participate in these exciting fall programs!

Maggie Kennedy, RN

Clerk Training Office and Chief Editor, Nursing News


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