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Jennifer Shamess
Virtual reality can help patients go on a getaway

With help from virtual reality, patients undergoing cancer treatment at The Ottawa Hospital could soon take a virtual getaway from their hospital beds. Engineering students consulted with patient advisors to design these high-tech escapes.

Dr. Kari Sampsel
Survivors of sexual assault receive compassionate physical and emotional care at The Ottawa Hospital

If a survivor chooses to come to the hospital after a sexual assault, she or he will be met by a compassionate team. That team will offer medical care and emotional support, and, if the survivor chooses, will complete a Sexual Assault Evidence Kit that can help prosecute the assailant.

Peter Juryn in sailboat waving
Sailing enthusiast tests patient-centred approach to Parkinson’s care

Sailing is a life-long love affair for Peter Juryn that began when was nine years old. Unfortunately, the medication he takes for Parkinson’s disease was making it harder to do the things he loves.

Patients invited to “Ask me about our research”

When people first arrive at The Ottawa Hospital, research is often the last thing on their minds. Yet research gives every patient the power to improve health around the world. A new campaign called “Ask me about our research” aims to make research more visible and accessible for patients.

Bébé Abigail, née à 22 semaines de gestation
Shared decision-making gives parents of extreme preemies a choice

Extremely premature babies born between 22 and 25 weeks’ gestational age are at high risk of dying and physical disabilities. A NICU team advocated for a shared decision-making process to help parents make informed decisions about whether they want their extremely premature baby to receive intensive care or palliative care.

Prehab Elyse Pratt Johnson
‘Prehab’ helps patients recover from surgery faster

You’ve heard of ‘rehab’ but what about ‘prehab’? More and more, patients are working with physiotherapists before surgery, rather than just afterwards, to improve their fitness and function so they recover faster.

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