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Team members from the Schlossmacher lab include (clockwise from top left) Dr. Michael Schlossmacher, Dr. Bojan Shutinoski, Quinton Hake-Volling, Dr. Julianna Tomlinson and Nathalie Lengacher
Unravelling the mystery of how one gene contributes to Parkinson’s, Crohn’s and leprosy

Researchers have struggled for years to understand how mutations in one gene, called LRRK2, can increase the risk of three very different diseases. Now, a Canadian team has found that inflammation is the likely culprit.

Peter Juryn in sailboat waving
Sailing enthusiast tests patient-centred approach to Parkinson’s care

Sailing is a life-long love affair for Peter Juryn that began when was nine years old. Unfortunately, the medication he takes for Parkinson’s disease was making it harder to do the things he loves.

Michael Schlossmacher
Award-winning scientist challenges medical dogma in quest to prevent, treat neurodegenerative disease

Dr. Michael Schlossmacher, who received the Grimes Research Career Achievement Award from The Ottawa Hospital on Oct. 28, resolved early in his career to never accept medical dogmas without questioning them and investigating opposing ideas. This approach has led to many surprising and important discoveries.

Stimulating the brain helps halt Parkinson’s tremors

When standard treatment for her Parkinson’s disease was no longer effective, Shelby Hayter underwent brain surgery to implant electrodes to help control her symptoms.

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