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Healthy Conversations Series

The Ottawa Hospital, and health care, does not exist in a vacuum – it is a microcosm of the greater community. As such, the events that affect our community have a direct effect on the hospital. In support of our employees, patients and the community at large, TOH would like to engage in an honest conversation about racism, particularly against Black people.

The Healthy Conversation Series is a first step towards an ongoing, broader conversation. A first step towards a journey of learning, understanding, growth, diversity and inclusion so that all members of our community feel seen, heard, represented and valued; a journey that will grow to encompass all parts of our community, including women, Indigenous peoples, racialized communities, and people with disabilities.

Please follow The Ottawa Hospital on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to listen, witness and show support. These stories may be difficult to hear, but listening is the beginning of understanding. Understanding is the foundation of empathy. And empathy is what binds us as human beings.

Upcoming sessions

International Women’s Day on Facebook Live

  • Panel Discussion – March 8 at 12:00 p.m. Facebook
    • Suzanne Madore, Executive Vice-President and Chief Clinical Officer
    • Dr. Camille Munro, Palliative Care Physician
    • Megan Ellis, Indigenous Program Coordinator
    • Nataleigh Oliveira, Registered Nurse in the Birthing Unit

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