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The referral process for patients seeking medical weight management programs and bariatric surgery streams are different:

  1. Medical Treatment  – CORE Program
  2. Surgical Treatment – Surgery Program
Medical and Bariatric Surgery Referral Process

Medical referral process 

Please review referral criteria prior to completing and faxing adult referral form to the Weight Management Clinic.  Note: incomplete referrals will be faxed back to referral source for completion

Medical program criteria: In order to participate in one of our medical programs, patients must meet the following criteria:

  • Adults (18 years and older)
  • A BMI of > 30 + a weight related co-morbidity (e.g. Type 2 diabetes, hypertension)


  • A BMI of > 35 without a weight related co-morbidity
  • Had their surgery out of country and needing follow-up care
  • Candidate for surgery but does not want surgery at the current time
  • Questionable compliance before surgery
  • Candidate for surgery but surgery is too risky

Exclusion criteria for the medical program

  • Patients who cannot make a commitment to a full program
  • Any major surgery that is planned during participation in a program
  • History of drug and alcohol dependency within the last 6 months
  • History of active malignancy (cancer), a chronic inflammatory disorder or chronic infections
  • Unstable or untreated psychiatric disorder
  • History of a stroke within six months
  • History of active gallbladder disease
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Significant renal impairment
  • Cirrhosis
  • Patient deemed unable to comprehend or comply with the diet and counselling
  • Porphyria (condition that results in neurological complications)

Bariatric surgery referral process (Requires provincial referral)

To refer your patient for bariatric surgery, you must complete the referral form on the Bariatric Registry. Your patient will be matched to a Bariatric Centre of Excellence or Regional Assessment and Treatment Centre; this is based on the patient’s postal code. For more detailed information, visit the Ontario Bariatric Network website.

Our office will contact your patient directly to invite them to a group information session. Your patient will then meet with one of our physicians, nurse practitioners or registered nurses to determine if your patient is a surgical candidate. For more information about the surgical pathway.

Bariatric surgery referral criteria:
In order to be assessed for bariatric surgery, patients must meet the following criteria:

  • Adults (18 years and older)
  • A BMI of > 35 + a weight related co-morbidity (e.g. Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea)


  • A BMI of > 40 without a weight related co-morbidity
  • Have made previous weight-loss attempts
  • Have been a non-smoker for at least 6 months
  • Are not misusing substances
  • Are motivated and willing to make long-term eating and lifestyle changes
  • Are psychologically and medically fit for surgery
  • Are willing to commit to follow-up for 5 years after surgery

Last updated on: April 7th, 2017