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A women’s health program that is recognized nationally for its impact on the health and quality of life for women through innovation, excellence in practice, education and research.


Mission Statement

To enable women to develop, achieve, sustain and enhance their emotional, social, cultural, spiritual and physical well being (as defined by themselves).

This will be accomplished by promoting good health, preventing disease, providing state-of-the art screening and leading-edge treatment of dysfunction and disease.


Guiding Principles

Embrace the current restructuring process, as an opportunity to be more responsive to women’s distinctive health needs.

Ensure that policies and programs concerning health promotion, disease prevention and treatment address the economic and socio-political realities of women’s lives.

Develop innovative strategies that foster the pursuit of quality and efficiency.

Strengthen partnerships and links with universities, community colleges, professional associations, health services, community agencies and involve a wider network of key players.

Place a high priority on involving women in decision-making about their health.

Conform to ethical, professional and gender sensitive standards in the delivery of women’s health care.

Preserve and respect the diversity of women.



Provide quality care and treatment to women through an integrated multidisciplinary team.

Help women maintain and improve their health.

Educate women about risk factors and increase health-promoting behaviours.

Ensure that women have easy access to resource personnel to help them acquire maximum well-being.

Expand the scope and depth of women’s health research to investigate more specifically the relevant areas of women’s health.

Inform governments, health organizations and legislative bodies of the results of significant research projects to establish new women’s health policies and to make program reforms.

Provide a supportive learning environment in medical and health-care training programs, for students, staff and for other professionals.

Develop fundraising projects to enhance the services provided by promoting community participation.

Sponsor conferences, forums and workshops that empower women to make informed choices.