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Focusing on Abilities

What is the Accessibility Awareness Program?

“She’s disabled…”

What images, thoughts and feelings (or fears) come to mind when you read or hear these words? How different do you think people with disabilities are from yourself? What obstacles and barriers might they experience? What goals and dreams to you think they have?

The Accessibility Awareness Program is a bilingual, fee for service educational program delivered through The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre.

Which services are provided by the Accessibility Awareness Program?

Accessibility awareness training opportunities are designed and delivered in order to reduce barriers and enhance the understanding, acceptance and inclusion for persons living with physical disabilities within our community. The training seminars are customized according to the needs of the client and are offered in English or French. They are highly interactive and consistently rated as “excellent”, “dynamic”, “highly educational” and “fun” by our many clients.

Accessibility awareness sensitivity training focuses on:

  • Challenging some of our general assumptions, attitudes, values and beliefs regarding diversity and disability.
  • Educating the public by providing a more realistic and positive picture of people with divers-abilities and;
  • Providing practical suggestions on how to interact more comfortably and confidently with people who are in fact more like us than different!

For more information on how this dynamic and informative training program can help you and / or your department, agency, or company improve service, contact  Serge Falardeau, at 613-737-7350, ext. 75535.

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Last updated on: February 14th, 2017