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Patient & Visitor Restrictions at The Ottawa Hospital during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Ottawa Hospital is currently in low visitor restrictions as part of the hospital’s ongoing response to COVID-19.

COVID Screening Requirements:

  • All patients and their designated support person will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 at the entrances.
  • The support person must be screened negative (have no symptoms) to be permitted entrance to the hospital.
  • ALL patients and support people will be required to wear a medical mask for the duration of their visit. You will be provided with medical masks upon entry into the hospital.
  • Your support person is not required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 since they are essential. However, it is highly recommended that they are vaccinated for their safety and the safety of others. Your support person cannot be swapped out with someone else.

Birth Unit

  • One support person can stay with the patient throughout triage, labour, delivery (including Operating Room as needed), and postpartum stay.
  • Once admitted to the Birth Unit, in labour, patients may have one unique visitor in addition to their support person. There is no exchange of visitors.

Mother Baby Unit

  • One support person may stay around the clock. Visitors are permitted however a maximum of two people (including the support person) may be at the bedside at any time.
  • Antepartum patients may have one designated support person who may stay 24/7.  Additional visitors are permitted up to a maximum of 2 at the bedside.


  • Both parents may visit their infant together at any time.  Parents may assign 4 designated visitors for the entirety of the infant’s hospitalization.
  • Each visitor must be accompanied by a parent for a maximum of 2 per bedside between 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • No children permitted < 12 yrs.

Obstetrics Clinic or Obstetrical Ultrasound

  • One support person may accompany the patient.

Note: Patients can include Doulas as either their visitor or their support person in labour, depending on their preference.

To encourage safe social distancing practices, walking in the hallways or inpatient care areas is not permitted and movement in the hospital should be limited.  Seating is available for nutrition breaks in the cafeteria only.

Last updated on: September 19th, 2022