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Who are The Friends?

The Friends is a volunteer group dedicated to fundraising for the purchase of medical equipment at the General Campus of The Ottawa Hospital (TOH). Incorporated in 1980, we are a separate entity, but collaborate with Volunteer Resources in a number of ways.

The Friends focus exclusively on fundraising and providing support to volunteers at the General Campus. The Friends donated approximately $750,000 to the General Campus in 2017-18.

Fundraising initiatives include:

  • Operating La Boutique, Le Coin des Amis (dépanneur), sell used books, Nevada tickets and organizing raffles;
  • Organize special events for the patients: Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, The Santa Visit;
  • The only limitation to our fundraising projects is our imaginations and the people to turn good fundraising ideas into reality.

The Friends of TOH Annual Report 2017 (PDF Accessible).

Vision Statement

The Friends of The Ottawa Hospital-General Campus supports the Hospital in its delivery of world-class healthcare by donating funds for the acquisition of capital medical equipment and by funding medical research within The Ottawa Hospital.

Mission Statement

The Friends of The Ottawa Hospital raises funds at the General Campus through the ongoing operation of business ventures as well as from ad hoc fundraising strategies. Funds raised are for capital medical equipment, research and for reinvestment in revenue generating projects and programs.

The Members of the Board of Directors

  • Dianne Paquette  (President)
  • Vacant (Vice President)
  • Sue Daugherty, (Corporate Secretary)
  • Peter Cairns (Treasurer)
  • Betty Shields (Assistant Treasurer)

Our Directors

  • Raymond Hurtubise
  • Phil Smith
  • David Robb
  • Bruna Guttmann
  • Jean Perley
  • Jamie Ghossein
  • Jonathan Chamoun.
  • Colonel Maître Michel Drapeau, ex-officio (Legal Advisor)

Why become a member of The Friends?

The short answer is because it’s a great organization with a mission to raise funds in support of the General Campus and its volunteers. The Friends is a service organization but it is also a business with well over $1,000,000 in transactions.  The Friends provides a different avenue for making a contribution to the well-being of patients at the General Campus of TOH.

I hope that you will seriously consider joining us. The Friends would be delighted to have you became a member.

How do I become a Friend? 

To join The Friends you first need to become a volunteer at the General Campus (includes the Cancer Center). Volunteers then simply need to request membership by either responding to an email that you will receive from Volunteer Resources on behalf of The Friends or by completing a request form which will be available in the Volunteers Lounge. The process is easy and quick.

What are the benefits of being a Friend?

Of course, the main benefit is the satisfaction that comes with making a contribution to the community by volunteering your time and skills to help raise funds used to purchase medical equipment. One day this equipment might help save your life or that of a loved one.

Last updated on: July 17th, 2018