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Volunteers serving our community by supporting the mission of The Ottawa Hospital


The Mission of The Ottawa Hospital – Civic Auxiliary is to enhance the quality of life of patients at The Ottawa Hospital – Civic Campus:

  • By supporting staff in the provision of care to patients, families and visitors;
  • By providing financial support for patient care, education and research programs;
  • By providing retail services on site that address the needs of the hospital community;
  • By supporting best practices in the management of volunteers; and
  • By practicing effective stewardship of financial and human resources.


The Ottawa Hospital – Civic Auxiliary holds the following values:

  • Caring: As a caring organization we demonstrate kindness and compassion in all our actions.
  • Respect: We enhance human dignity by respecting privacy and confidentiality as well as all opinions, perspectives, abilities, needs and contributions.
  • Trustworthiness: We promote trustworthiness through open communications, consistent decisions and accountability.
  • Responsibility: We hold ourselves responsible and accountable to our members, our hospital and our community for the stewardship of the human and economic resources entrusted to us and for the reputation and goodwill legacy which we have inherited.
  • Justice/Fairness: We promote justice and fairness in our policies, plans and procedures as they affect our volunteers, our staff, our clients and our partners in service.


Historical Highlights and Contributions 1952-2006

Established over 50 years ago by a group of community-minded women, the Civic Auxiliary has long been a part of Civic Campus of The Ottawa Hospital. From it’s earliest days it has been guided by a Volunteer Board of Directors who oversee it’s operations and report to the volunteers and hospital on it’s activities and accomplishments. Volunteers have leadership roles in all areas.

In March of 1952, a small snack bar was opened and the Public Relations Committee held it’s first meeting. That same year the In-service Program in the Diabetic Clinic also began operations and in December, a very small gift shop opened. The next year saw the expansion of the Gift Shop, with many of the items for sale made by volunteers.

The organization grew rapidly and by the end of 1955 had about 600 active and associate members. By 1956, a “Conveyor of Personnel” was placing volunteers throughout the hospital. Today, the Civic Auxiliary counts over 500 members providing services to patients in 23 service areas throughout the hospital and staffing a shopping mall.

Over the years, the fund raising shops in the mall have raised over nine millions dollars to purchase equipment for the hospital, to support patient care, education programs, and medical research at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, formerly the Loeb Institute.

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