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2015-2020 Strategy

We are pleased to present you with The Ottawa Hospital 2015-2020 strategy, which builds upon the momentum of our successes to date in providing high-quality, compassionate care to every patient, every time.

This strategy will guide the growth of our clinical, research and educational programs and enable revitalized commitment, ownership and energy across the hospital. Our five strategic directions are:

Quality: Become a top 10 percent performer in quality and safety of patient care in North America

People: Become a workplace of choice

Academics: As Ottawa’s principal academic health-sciences centre, we will align with the education and research missions of our key academic partners to deliver world-class care by:

  • Education: leading education, learning and professional growth opportunities
  • Research: leading discovery and practice-changing research, designed to improve the patient experience, quality of care and clinical outcomes

Our community: Create a healthier community through leadership in health equity, health promotion and disease prevention

Finance: Create the financial strength and flexibility to enable world-class care.

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