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Aug 9, 2016

By Wanda Doyle, RN, Cancer Screening and Prevention Team Evidence shows that cancer screening – such as mammograms, Pap tests, and fecal occult blood tests – helps to decrease mortality rates. So, why is there such a large percentage of people in the Champlain LHIN who are eligible for the ‘big three’ cancer screening programs […]

Dec 22, 2015

By Tracie Parr, RN, ENC(C), Sexual Assault Partner Abuse Care Program Sexual assault and partner abuse is an uncomfortable reality that brings feelings of shame, guilt, isolation and pain. Luckily, the Sexual Assault Partner Abuse Care Program (SAPACP) is available when you need it most. Six months ago, I joined the SAPACP team after working […]

Aug 10, 2015

By Leah Wake, RN, 4West As part of my orientation to 4West, the Transitional Care Unit, I fortunately spent a day shadowing my inter-professional team’s members, learning about the roles of the social worker, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and rehabilitation assistant. This experience truly gave me a sense of the expectations for me, as a new […]

Apr 9, 2015

As Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM) nurses, we start our day by attending handover rounds in the Emergency Department to review cases and look for appropriate referrals.  We then prioritize, determining which of our older patients are at highest risk for poor outcomes or returning to the ED. Then we start seeing patients and completing our […]

Dec 24, 2014

With the enthusiasm of our inter-professional collaborative team our Birthing Unit ran a very successful Code 333 emergency caesarean section simulation drill in mid-September. Planning between key stakeholders allowed this to run in a timely manner while simultaneously maintaining quality care to our patients. Learning Objectives included: Team Objectives Obstetrics Recognize need for emergency caesarean […]

Oct 20, 2014

TOH MoNCP© is a set of guiding principles that organize the delivery of nursing care among different categories of nursing personnel, such as registered nurses (RN), registered practical nurses (RPN) and unregulated care providers (UCP). It was developed at TOH by nurses, academics and patient representatives because nurses from all practice domains identified they would […]

Sep 30, 2014

Managing Hypoglycemia Treating hypoglycemia in the admitted patient who is able to eat or take po fluids “Miss Low” is not feeling well. She is having symptoms of hypoglycemia. When you suspect hypoglycemia the first action to take is to confirm by checking the blood glucose using a blood glucose meter. This is called point-of-care […]

Sep 29, 2014

We saw in our last blog post that there are many reasons for nurses to go back to school, to pursue additional education. In this post, we will look through some concrete ways to make it happen. It can be intimidating to return to school, if you have not completed formal education for some time. […]

Sep 22, 2014

If you spent a moment on any Canadian website related to professional nursing leadership (i.e. RNAO, CNA), it would be quite apparent the value each organization places in continuing education for nurses of all designations. Whether you are a hospital, diploma or university graduate, the pursuit of education should never become a dormant goal. In […]

Aug 25, 2014

Nursing is a profession that spans all aspects of your life – crossing over into home and play time. With such, to stay organized and keep sense of time and separate the ‘day-to-day,’ we look forward to the seasonal limits we set for ourselves. For many, this means looking forward to summer. And then summer […]