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During regular business hours, please call Media Relations at 613-737-8460. After hours, please call 613-722-7000 and ask for the Clinical Administrator on Site of the campus in question.

Condition updates can only be provided if the reporter provides the full name and correct spelling of the patient in question. Media Relations is bound by the Personal Health Information Protection Act. As such, patient condition is the only update that can be provided to media. The reason for hospitalization, nature of illness or injury and course of treatment cannot not be released by TOH.

Occasionally, a patient’s file is marked “Confidential” and TOH staff are no longer able to confirm the patient’s presence in hospital or provide their status. This could be for a few reasons:

  1. The patient/family has asked for their file to be confidential.
  2. The patient has left the hospital – moved to another facility or home.
  3. The patient has died.

In this situation, we ask that you respect the privacy of our patients and their families.

Patient Condition Definitions
Satisfactory Vital signs are stable* and within normal limits. Patient is conscious and comfortable. Making favourable progress.
Fair Vital signs are stable* and within or close to normal limits. Patient is conscious. Patient may have minor complications.
Serious Acutely ill. Vital signs may be unstable* and not within normal limits. Patient may be unconscious. There are major complications.
Critical Vital signs are unstable* and not within normal limits. There are major complications and indications are unfavourable.
* Note: The terms “stable” and “unstable” are only a description of a patient’s vital signs which includes temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure.

Last updated on: December 5th, 2016