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COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Yes, as of November 1, 2021 all vendors, contractors and service providers that wish to access any TOH campus or site must be fully immunized against COVID-19 before they arrive.

A person is considered fully immunized 14 days after receiving a complete course of a Covid-19 vaccination with Pfizer/Comirnaty, Moderna/SpikeVax or Astra-Zeneca/Vaxzevria vaccines (or combination thereof) or one dose of vaccine by Johnson & Johnson’s Jansen (or others as approved by World Health Organization (WHO).

Registering is voluntary for an annual fee of $249 per representative.  If you need any assistance or information regarding this new process, please contact:  IntelliCentrics customer support at 1-877-885-1420 or visiting the IntelliCentrics website. Visit login page to set up an account.

TOH will not grant access to a vendor, contractor or service provider individual who is not fully immunized.

No. TOH requires the vendor, contractor or service provider to attest that their organization complies with TOH’s vaccination policy. This does not mean that every vendor employee, representative or sub-contractor must be fully immunized; it means that those who require access to any TOH site are fully immunized.

TOH maintains an essential vendor list to record all vendors that require access to TOH sites to perform their duties to maintain patient care and operations.

No. If you comply with TOH’s vaccination policy, your compliance will still be recorded. Please email

If you think your organization should be on the essential vendor list, please submit a request to your contact at TOH. If you do not have a contact, please email a request and confirmation that you comply with the TOH vaccination policy to

All COVID-19 screening stations at TOH have a copy of the essential vendor list . If  

  1. a vendor employee passes the screening process, and
  2. shows proof of vaccination, and
  3. the vendor organization is listed on the essential vendor list

then access will be granted.

You are required to send only those representatives (including any contracted staff and sub-contractors) that are fully immunized to any TOH site. You are also required to record the vaccination status of each person in your organization.

The Ontario Provincial Government issued Directive #6 on August 17, 2021 stating that every public hospital in the province must establish, implement and ensure compliance with a COVID-19 vaccination policy requiring its employees, staff, contractors, volunteers and students to comply.

The hospital is expected to report regularly to the Ministry of Health on the vaccination status of its contractors and service providers on site. As such, it is TOH’s expectation that each contractor and/or service provider will be accountable to collate their staff’s proof of vaccination and will provide this information to TOH as required.

Last updated on: March 8th, 2022