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  • Clarification: The Ottawa Hospital Continues to Provide Endoscopies and Cataract Surgeries

    March 14, 2013 — The Ottawa Hospital is committed to providing the highest level of complex care for residents of the Champlain health region. As such, it will continue in the years to come to fulfil its mandate as a regional provider of cataract surgeries and endoscopic procedures. By the end of the current fiscal year (2012-13), which ends March 31, The Ottawa Hospital will have completed approximately 11,400 cataract surgeries. Over the 2013-14 fiscal […]

  • Emergency wait times and occupancy pressures increase as influenza cases go up

    The Ottawa Hospital asks that patients respect infection control measures and present to the Emergency Department only when necessary. January 8, 2013 – The Ottawa Hospital is experiencing an increase of 50-60 visits to the Emergency Department (ED) each day, with the majority of these being related to influenza. We are also seeing an increase in the number of ambulance visits by approximately 20-30 per day. As a result, admissions to our inpatient units are increasing […]

  • The Ottawa Hospital is improving MRI service

    November 4, 2011 – Contrary to what recent media reports of retroactive wait-times data may suggest, ongoing process improvements and recent investments into new MRI capacity will see The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) significantly improve its MRI service. Scans for high risk conditions and medical emergencies are completed on a priority basis to ensure our patients receive the safest care in a timely manner. In fact, TOH is the MRI referral site in the Champlain Local Health […]