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What is a Clinical Pathway?

A clinical pathway is a printed guideline to usual care provided for a patient having a certain procedure done or a patient who has a certain illness. Since all patients are unique, everyone’s care will be customized to meet their needs while keeping the guidelines in mind.

Why are clinical pathways used at The Ottawa Hospital?

Clinical pathways are used to describe and implement clinical standards. They help to provide quality and efficient patient care. View a list of current clinical pathways

How are clinical pathways implemented?

The physician orders clinical pathways for appropriate patients. The clinical pathway documents are part of the patient’s permanent record and are integrated into the clinical documentation.

Patient Education Booklets

Most patients on clinical pathways will receive a patient education booklet explaining their disease or condition and providing them with teaching around their diagnosis. View our clinical pathway patient education material

Key Contacts

The Ottawa Hospital
Lori Delaney
Corporate Coordinator – Clinical Pathways
Tel.: 613-798-5555, ext. 17258

University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Bonnie Bowes
Director Quality, Risk and Privacy