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In 2009-2010, 429 volunteers contributed 33,850 hours of service and $494,000 in donations to the Hospital.

genlogo-eVolunteers at the General Campus are members of an association incorporated as The Friends of The Ottawa Hospital – General Campus. Our roots are more than 160 years deep.

We range in age from 14 to well over 80. We serve in French and English and in a number of other languages. We come from all walks of life and a large number of cultural communities.

Our mission is to contribute to the wellbeing of the patients. We do so by providing complementary service in more than 20 Hospital departments. In addition to supplementing professional staff services, we manage a varied fund-raising program; we operate a gift shop and a coffee shop, we sell Nevada tickets and we stage occasional raffles. These funds are donated to purchase equipment ranging from blanket warmers to a digital mammography unit or a PET scanner and including mobile ECG, ultrasound and X-ray units. Our donations have also been used to help establish new services such as the University of Ottawa Eye Institute and to support research (The Friends’ Research Chair in Ophthalmology and The Friends’ Research Chair in Neuroscience).

Since the opening of the Smyth Road location on August 3 rd 1980, we have contributed more than 1.5 million hours of service and we have donated more than $10 million in various ways to the Hospital.

We can be seen as a group visiting patients on Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day and accompanying Santa Claus on his annual stop. For our members, there are social functions such as the annual Friendship Dinner and a regular newsletter Between Friends.

The Friends are signatories of the Partnership Agreement with The Ottawa Hospital. Our association’s leaders maintain close links with the Hospital’s senior management and the Ottawa Hospital Foundation.

Tel: 613-737-8515