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For RNs and RPNs who are internationally educated and newly hired at TOH, we provide individualized support and training that focuses on clinical practice, communication skills, and integration into the nursing and unit culture within our hospital.

TOH is a participating partner in the Supervised Practice Experience Partnership (SPEP) program and has practice placements available in a wide variety of clinical settings for internationally educated nurses who have met all the requirements to practice nursing in Ontario, except evidence of practice.

What is the Supervised Practice Experience Program (SPEP)?

The SPEP program is a partnership between the CNO, Ontario Health, and other participating institutions. It offers internationally educated nurses (IENs) an opportunity to fulfill the Evidence of Practice and/or Language Proficiency requirement(s) to obtain their CNO RN or RPN registration.

The TOH SPEP program provides applicants with a temporary full-time, paid position. Each applicant will complete a tailored orientation and then a supervised practice placement with an experienced preceptor along with frequent check-ins by the SPEP Coordinator.

To apply to the TOH SPEP program, you must provide proof of your eligibility from the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Interested? Please contact Ndolo Njie-Mokonya, IEN and SPEP Coordinator at

Last updated on: August 15th, 2022