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Meaghan Pearson

For Mario and 5E team: Your team has made all of my stays at TOH the best they could possibly be. Anytime I hear that I am to be sent to 5E at the General Campus, a tranquil sense of happiness rushes over me. I know I am being sent to a sanctuary where everyone will know what to do with me, and I will have no reason for concern. I have been graced with […]

First surgery ever

I was scheduled for my first surgery ever on March 8, 2011 and was extremely anxious about it.  The entire team was amazing in making me feel better, but I would like to thank  nurse Kelli, in particular,  from the Surgical Day Care Unit who helped make me feel more relaxed prior to my surgery, and who also took excellent care of me upon returning to the SDCU.   She is an example to follow!!!!!! I […]

I would like to thank the hospital and their staff for our recent visit to the emergency.

I would like to thank the hospital and their staff for our recent visit to the emergency. We had been on vacation in Cuba as a family and my wife started experiencing severe headaches. We had completed standard tests and ruled out, migraines, infection, dehydration etc… She got progressively worse and on our return flight to Canada got really bad. Upon landing we went directly to the Civic Campus and my wife was assigned to […]

Thank you Emergency Department Staff

Last week (January 18, 2011) I went to the ER with complaints of severe pains in my chest area. I want to thank all of the ER staff for their care and their concern over my well-being. I especially want to thank Dr Robert Wu who provided exceptional care. He listened with compassion and took my pain seriously. He also provided support and reassurance to my husband on an ongoing basis and answered all our […]

Thank you for your professionalism

I had been suffering from chest pains for several days and went to a local clinic to see about it, fearing that the ER would be overcrowded with flu sufferers.  I waited there for an hour and a half.  The doctor there told me to go the emergency.  So I took a cab to the Ottawa General-Civic campus ER.  There were only about 40-50 people in the ER, but all together I don’t think I […]

Jean Guy Roy

Every morning, I see Jean-Guy in the front lobby at the General Campus. He always greets staff, patients, and visitors with a kind smile and a warm hello. Jean-Guy is a Transportation Worker at the General Campus. He is exactly the kind of person I would want to greet my loved ones if they were coming into the hospital. He is friendly and always takes the time to chat with the patients and their visitors. […]

Thank you, Dr. Reaume

October 4th, 2010 Thank you, Dr. Reaume, for your work in returning my beautiful Sonja to me and our family, for that is what you and your colleagues have done. My words cannot match your devotion and skill – nor can they adequately express my feelings of gratitude. Know only that you have restored the heart of our family. Sonja will live to become, with me, a grandparent in January and continue to enjoy a […]

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