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Innovative treatments and technologies changing lives today

Innovative treatments and technologies changing lives today

Stem cells stop MS in its tracks

A clinical trial shows for the first time that an intensive procedure involving stem cells and chemotherapy can stop the damage that leads to MS, and even allow repair in some cases. Some patients in the trial now have no signs of the disease.

3D printing our way to better healthcare: a Canadian first

After losing his hand in a motorcycle accident, David Chasse picked up a water bottle with a moveable hand created by a 3D printer from Canada’s first Medical 3D Printing Program.

Innovative computer tablet could help stroke patients recover

Stroke patients at The Ottawa Hospital are using a mobile computer tablet for recovery in between treatments and tests.

Personalized medicine leads to lung cancer breakthrough

An international clinical trial led by researchers at The Ottawa Hospital shows that 70 percent of lung cancer patients with a specific mutation responded to a new therapy. The therapy has now been approved for general use.

Stopping Parkinson’s tremors

Deep brain stimulation is helping improve quality of life for patients with more advanced cases of Parkinson’s disease.

Compassion at work

Compassion at work

Helping dementia patients communicate

When some patients with dementia lose their second language ability, they revert to their mother tongue. This makes communication difficult, but the team at 4West went the extra mile to find a creative solution.

Staff planned patient’s memorable wedding

Planning a wedding in a day might seem daunting, but for a number of staff members at the General Campus, it was a challenge worth pursuing.

Unusual patient inspired huge team of staff

This patient inspired the Intensive Care Unit staff to plan a steak barbecue for him, bring in fresh strawberries, make wheelchair accessories rather than take vacation time, and know all his children and grandchildren by name.

Honouring organ donor’s real-life name ‘an enormous blessing’

A young man died over a year ago, and his story is a tapestry of interwoven threads: transitioning from woman to man, heart recipient who found the donor family, and hospital staff whose compassion was “an enormous blessing” to the family.

Two married patients in TOH at same time

As difficult as it is to be a patient at a hospital, it’s even more difficult when you’re admitted at the same time as a spouse. Many compassionate hospital staff members take extra steps to bring married patients together.

Discoveries for a healthier tomorrow

Discoveries for a healthier tomorrow

Running could help heal the brain

We all know that running is good for the heart. New research reveals how it may also help the brain repair itself.

Could umbilical cord blood help repair the kidney?

Umbilical cord blood contains tiny cell fragments that can fuse with injured kidney cells and release genetic material to prevent cell death and improve kidney function.

Mystery solved: puzzling protein erases memory in muscle stem cells

Researchers discovered that a protein called UTX plays an important role in muscle repair and regeneration by helping reformat muscle stem cells into new muscle fibers.

Harnessing the immune system to attack cancer

A vaccine made with an individual’s cancer cells combined with a cancer-fighting virus can cure abdominal cancer in laboratory models.

New target for research into deadly brain cancer

Researchers find that blocking a certain protein on brain cancer stem cells can prevent them from forming tumours in laboratory models.

Building Healthier Communities

Building Healthier Communities

Telemedicine saves costly trips for patients

Rather than having to book a flight from Thunder Bay to see a specialist in Ottawa, this telemedicine patient was referred to a doctor only 15 minutes from her home.

Helping a First Nations community heal after suicide crisis

Staff from The Ottawa Hospital travelled to Attawapiskat as part of Ontario’s Emergency Medical Assistance Team (EMAT) to help the First Nations community deal with a crisis of suicide attempts by young people.

Think you have asthma? Think again.

Study finds 33 percent of adults recently diagnosed with asthma do not have it. And only half of doctors are ordering the right diagnostic tests.

Healthier habits could add six years to your life

The average Canadian could live six years longer by adopting healthier habits, such as not smoking, eater better, exercising, and drinking less alcohol. An online calculator makes it personal.

New digital comic using alien invasion to educate kids about immune system

Alien invaders descend on a world while defensive forces mobilize to battle the intruders... while this may seem like a scene from a new blockbuster movie, it’s actually a new online comic, created to educate kids about the immune system and the role of immunization in defending against illness.