The Ottawa Hospital Annual Report

Saila Kipanek carves a piece of stone
Carving inspires emotional healing for Inuit patient

A small workspace, some stone and a few tools helped Saila Kipanek recover and heal after cancer surgery and treatment.

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Care providers surround a patient in an operating room

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To nurses wearing personal protective equipment
From the frontlines of COVID-19

Meet some of the people from The Ottawa Hospital who are working to keep our community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Researcher holding plastic tube
Researchers join the fight against COVID-19

Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are exploring over 50 research projects to find better ways to treat and prevent COVID-19.

Three staff members wearing personal protective equipment
Teamwork key to COVID-19 Assessment Centre success

Set up in just three-and-a-half days, the Assessment Centre is an important part of the region’s response to COVID-19.

Jack Kitts, Former President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital
Retiring CEO Dr. Jack Kitts makes lifetime of difference

Dr. Jack Kitts leaves a legacy of kindness, humility and steady leadership. (Article courtesy of the Ottawa Business Journal.)

Alan Forster, Vice-President of Innovation and Quality at The Ottawa Hospital
What could The Ottawa Hospital learn from Israel?

The Ottawa Hospital and Israel’s Sheba Medical Center will use the ‘ARC’ model, which focuses on open innovation and collaboration in health care.

Concept drawing of people walking on a path with a hospital in the background
The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus: A community vision

The Ottawa Hospital’s Campus Engagement Group’s first report presents the emerging community vision of The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus.

Marie Lapointe golfing on a green lawn
Golfer credits study for quick recovery after surgery

Six weeks after having lung cancer surgery, Marie Lapointe was back to golfing several times a week.

Dr. Michael Schlossmacher looks at a test tube in his lab
Research explains link between Parkinson’s, Crohn’s, leprosy

Work on LRRK2 gene could lead to new treatments and prevention.

Dr. Marjorie Brand in a lab coat
How does a stem cell know what to be when it grows up?

Understanding what drives a stem cell towards a certain fate is one of the keys to successful stem cell therapy.

Dr. Guillaume Martel (left) and Phyllis Holmes
Decision to leave abdomen open saves a life

During emergency surgery, Phyllis’ abdomen was left open for two days – it’s the reason she is alive today.

Group of people hold up a banner that says Thank you Margaret!
Cutting-edge cancer research inspires gift in will

Donor’s gift contributed to ovarian cancer study that made headlines across Canada.

Tom (centre) and his wife, Janet (far left) with members of the 
Eastern Ontario Prostate Cancer Awareness Committe
Local donor rallies community after prostate cancer diagnosis

A clinical trial at The Ottawa Hospital saved Tom Clapp’s life, so now he’s inspiring community support and raising awareness to help save others.